WELDING HELMETS- How to choose the right one

In the world of welding, welding helmets are the most important safety and protection equipment after welding gloves. A welding technician faces many risks that could cause eye problems, such as infrared, high intensity light and ultraviolet. Those factors could bring permanent retinal damage. That is why you as a welder need a welding helmet to protect your eyes.

Welding helmets come with a variety of forms and sizes. Please choose the most comfortable and secure one if you decide to buy. You also need to consider the weight of the helmet. Choose the lightest welding mask you can find to support your work and ease your back and neck while welding. Picking up the light welding mask should not neglect durability factor. A strong and solid welding hood will certainly be needed.

As technology grows, so it does with welding helmet. There are high-end auto darkening welding masks that will change their lens color darker within less than a second as the electric arc is flashed. Auto darkening welding masks are batteries and/or solar powered and even when the auto darkening filter is not active, they still have protection to keep your eyes from UV and infrared radiation. Generally auto darkening masks are more expensive than the regular ones. Regular masks commonly cost below $40.

Does a welding mask really give you a protection? In many cases, work-related health problems are not happened instantly. The symptoms usually take times to occur, probably within years. In the world of welding, the most common health problems are cataract and sight-hand in coordination. Choosing a properly welding protection is a must thing to do. Understand that a welding mask has a filter shade to adjust the amount of light your eyes might reach and it should be set well. If the filter is set too dark it may disturb the welder to work in detail, on the other hand if the helmet does not filter the light in a certain amount the welder may have a bigger risk of having eye damage. Most auto darkening helmets have features that will enable you to regulate or set the light filters. There is a filter shade selector chart which a welder can manually adjust to meet the application needed.

The maintenance of a welding helmet is relatively easy. You just have to clean it out of dust and dirt. There are special cleaning kits available to keep the coatings intact. Some welding helmet's elements are sensitive to direct sunlight, dust and moisture so it is a lot better to keep it from them. Last but not least, remove all batteries from a helmet if it will not be used for at a long time. This is to avoid battery leaking to damage your helmet's filter. For your information, the price of the filter almost covers up a whole new welding helmet price.

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