A chop saw is actually a kind of mechanical saw which is very light weight like the 14" chop saw. This is a saw is circular in shape with a spring loaded arm that pivots on which the circular shape is mounted. This whole mechanism is supported with the help of metal base and using a proper chop saw table can really help in performing the tasks better. They are known to be one of the most amazing and efficient saw designs and it is incredibly easy to do square cuts with them that need to be exact. This kind of chop saw is known as the cut off saw as well and they are considered to be power tools.

The chop saw has two categories including the miter saw and an abrasive saw. The miter saw is generally meant for wood work while the abrasive saw is meant to cut into metals, ceramics or other hard materials. The reason why the enhanced version of this saw known as the miter saw was made, is because the older version of the chop saw could not work on hard materials. Miter saw can make amazing bevel cuts and this is one reason why it is a very popular power tool. A manual version of the miter saw was the first ever powerful chop saw and it had replaceable blades with could allow miter cuts and cross cuts. Later a motorized version came in known as the chop saw which began providing more cut accuracy for cross cuts and they were very portable and easy to manage.

One of the most fabulous and functional feature of the miter saw is the miter index. This index provides more accuracy and finish because it can change the angle of the blade depending on the material to be cut through. This way the cut is more accurate and proper. The angle settings can be the usual ones which are commonly used like 45 degree, 30 degree or 15 degree or they can even be adjusted by the operator to any kind of angle they need even if the angle has a difference of one degree from the common angles. The operation of the chop saw involves the operator marking an area and lining the blade of the chop saw along the mark. Then proper positioning of the hand is required and the wood is clamped to the fence. It is this fence that provides the right cutting angle.

Once the angle is set, the blade is activated by pressing the trigger and the saw should be guided through the cut. The usual safety measures should be taken that are necessary with the working of any power tool since they can be dangerous if not properly used and managed. The most potential hazard in the case of this chop saw is something touching the turning blade and causing injury. To ensure that this potential hazard does not happen it is important to ensure that the guards are all working and in their right places which means it should be adjusted or repaired incase it is not in proper position.

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