Iron or metal workers are persons who are responsible for reinforcing buildings, skyscrapers, bridges and different other facilities. Maintaining and repairing structures which are old are also part of the job of iron and metal workers. Thus these people generally play a big part in projects that involve construction.

Iron and metal workers job description starts with the building of the framework of the building. The framework that they construct as support system of facilities and bridges are made of steels, iron, pillars and beams that they handle. The work that these people do is very essential since if they did a wonderful job of constructing the framework, accidents are not likely to happen once these facilities or roads are completed.

Iron workers are different from steel workers. Iron workers are the people who do the job mentioned earlier while steel workers are responsible for shaping the steel used in large structures. There are different types of steel workers depending on the area that they are working at and the kind of job that they do. There are people who specialize in the installation to the concrete of reinforcing bars and these people are known as rebar and reinforcing iron workers. Workers who deal with the installation of stairs, handrails, curtain walls and other structures as mentioned which are made of metal are called ornamental ironworkers.

Specializing into a particular kind of area is done by entering programs for apprenticeship available for iron and metal workers. These types of programs usually last around three to four years which include on-the-job training and classroom lessons. And before being able to enter in such program, the workers must have a certificate in rigging and welding. There are several organizations who offer apprenticeship programs and being able to finish such a program will definitely help you in your job.

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