Everyone makes such a big deal out of welding aluminum. Really though, It's just about the Welding machine, The right gas, speed, wire, and how you hold you're gun.

MIG welding aluminum requires the right equipment. What it all comes down to is having everything work in harmony! The equipment must be in good condition and the right consumables must be used. To set up your MIG welder for aluminum you will need a few things and they are:

Spool feed MIG gun or a Push Pull wire feed system. Roller wheels for aluminum if you are using a Push Pull system. Aluminum MIG wire. 100% Argon gas.

Choosing a Spool feed MIG gun verses a Push Pull system is up to you! If you are looking for the trouble free route go with a Spool gun! If you need to do lots of heavy welding, go with the Push Pull system. Unfortunately when it comes to MIG welding aluminum the longer your liner is, the more trouble you will have with your contact tips, and wire feed speed. That is why a spool gun is the most trouble free way of MIG welding aluminum!

If your needs are high production welding, the Push Pull feed system will work just as well. The catch with Push Pull feeds are all of the equipment needs to be in excellent condition. That means clean contact tips, liners that are free of wear, and good rollers to push and pull the wire. Don't take the cheap route when it comes to Push Pull systems!

When choosing the aluminum MIG wire you need to match it to the type of aluminum that will be welded! The best people to consult are the people in your welding supply store. They are trained to answer your questions and know the equipment and consumables!

MIG welding typically requires 100% Argon gas! It is rare to use any other gas except in the case of welding aluminum that is thicker then 1/2 of an inch. In that case it will likely be an Argon/Helium mixture. But again Argon gas does an excellent job. That's really all there is to setting up your MIG welder to weld aluminum! The rest is hands-on-practice.....

My name is David Zielinski and I am a Certified Welder. If you would like more information about MIG Welding then visit my website All of the information is free and it is full of accurate, hard-to-find, real-life welding tutorials!

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I really messed up one time, I thought I knew it all !!! I used a regular Mig Gun to Weld an Aluminum cabana frame.

It took me a whole week to build because I was constantly grinding and welding and grinding then welding some more. I was either blowing holes through it or putting too much weld on .

Finally,( a week later ), I finished it. I had to move it from the shop. Guess what ?? well... it broke, in several different places :{ - Oh well, I said - You just have to Live and Learn sometimes, and boy did I learn !!!



A spool gun is a gun that's equipped to feed a wire electrode with a small spool of wire of about 4" in diameter and weighs about 1 pound .

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