Plasma cutting and welding are arc processes.

A plasma cutter consists of a power source with compressed air or inert gas connection, work cable with clamp, supply cable, and torch.

Plasma cutting and welding are arc processes. Plasma is a gas that can conduct electricity because it is a highly ionized form. The gas transfers the arc, but because of the construction of the gas, the gas resistance is very high, which creates the extreme heat for plasma processes. Plasma cutting uses a very constricted arc to the melt the base metal while compressed air or other gas blows the melted metal out of the kerf. This process can be used on any conductive metal- aluminum, brass, cast iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, and titanium- which sets it apart from oxy-acetylene cutting, which is only useable on oxidizable metals. Though the plasma arc temperature is 40,000 degrees F, it is so constricted and the cutting speed is so fast that the thermal distortion to the metal being cut is low. Plasma cuts are clean and are often weldable with no additional clean up if the base metal was initianally clean. Properly done, the kerf is fairly straight sided, and no slag is present.

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The process of welding and welding industry had developed a lot and modern welding equipments and welding products have been introduced and it makes the process of welding an easy one. Plasma cutter is a modern device that performs the process of welding in most accurate and in a speedy way. It is a tool that cuts steel and other welding materials which are of different thickness by a process of science called plasma torch. For an effective welding process, the weldor needs a welding gun and welding torch and plasma torch is a technological invention that generates plasma from its nozzle.


We have been seeing the word plasma, what is plasma? Plasma is a gas in which certain particles are ionized and it has some career that has some electric charge which makes it to conduct electrically. It has different properties and parameters which have made the plasma as effective equipment. It has hot melting point, which is sufficient to cut the metal and uses a pilot arc type to initiate the arc. The plasma cutter also uses number of methods to initiate an arc and all the power plasma series uses inverter type of Infineon IGBT.

Working principle of plasma:

The plasma cutter generally works by creating the high velocity and by sending an electric arc through the gas. Generally inert gases are passed through and it has a nozzle in which the gas passes through and it cuts the molten metal. The nozzles and the electrodes are always in contact and the nozzle is blown out when the gas begins to flow. Hand held torches are also used to cut the metal in different sizes and the force of plasma is accurate such that clean and accurate welding of a metal is produced.

Dual role of plasma:

Plasma can be called as a child of modern invention because it performs the dual role such plasma cutting and plasma gouging. Single plasma cutter equipment performs both this process and plasma gouging is an associated process that uses different torch configuration. It is of four methods and used in a variety of industrial applications and it is also used as a tool for weld removal and weld preparation.

Advantages of plasma cutter:

The everlasting plasma cutter has advantages such as, it uses latest techniques to cut the metal, it prevents the warping and paint damage that occur, it is faster than other equipment and cuts the metal more quickly and accurately. Plasma Cutter starts with a design that is created specifically and suitable for accurate plasma cutting.

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